Leadership Management International (LMI)

LMI is a 40-year international leader in the strategic development industry that supports business advisors with a team of professionals dedicated to program research and development. Through this affiliation, we utilize the latest, most effective tools to overcome industry-specific performance obstacles. LMI materials are translated in over 20 languages with affiliates in over 60 countries.

LMI's core value-add is a time tested process with a proven ability to get individuals to actually make the changes necessary to propel their performance to the next level. This process, combined with a common-sense approach to planning and effective, ethical leadership, generates a company transformation measured in ROI.


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Institute for Independent Business (IIB)

The IIB is a 22-year international not-for-profit research organization that trains and accredits business advisors. Since the early 80's the Institute has been providing invaluable information and access to executive assistance to meet the needs of independent businesses.

Research shows that most owners/managers of small to medium sized businesses are concerned that they lack the skills, experience and time to be effective in all the varied key aspects of management, as well as the contacts and resources required to maintain and grow their businesses. To address these fundamental needs, the Institute provides access to highly skilled and experienced business people, who have been trained and accredited in advising and helping these businesses.

Businesses can benefit from support tailored to meet their specific needs and designed to assist in the implementation of what the business owner determines is critical to his/her business, based on a model that is proven to have helped many thousands of independent businesses.

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Inner Circle

Inner Circle is a nationwide membership organization of CEO's. An Inner Circle group is 8-12 noncompeting CEO's / business owners who meet once a month for 3-4 hours to work on their business and personal visions.

With the input of a business savvy facilitator and with the feedback of their peers, Inner Circle Members find they are able to make better decisions, make them faster and implement them with greater confidence.

The benefits that Members derive from their Inner Circle membership are as varied as the business owners themselves and the topics they bring each month to their peer group. Those benefits fall into four main categories that build off each other:

  • Clarity
  • Input / Feedback
  • Accountability
  • Success

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