At Strategic Results Group we have access to a number of time-tested and proven tools specifically designed to help a business executive better understand the needs of the business and opportunities for the next step.

Using the Business Performance Audit , we can assess P & Ls, balance sheets, budget performance, marketing and sales, customer satisfaction and service, organizational goals, processes & systems, human resource functions and compensation, and employee morale.

The Organizational Performance Assessment is a web-based diagnostic tool designed to help businesses pinpoint the issues in the organization impactingİthe company's ability to achieve its desired results.İ Five areas are examined: plans / strategies, leadership / management, market / customer relations, organizational culture and structure. All employees participate anonymously.

Organizational Performance Assessment

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Strategic Results Group LLC specializes in execution. Whether your business strategies are formally documented in a Strategic Business Plan, or you operate from an informal set of objectives, revenue and company growth come from execution of the plans. Strategic Results Group brings operational excellence from some of the “great” Fortune 100 companies to small and mid-sized businesses.


An “Organizational Needs Inventory” assesses:

Employee perceptions of the culture Employee perceptions of structure Leadership styles in your business

Customized Customer Surveys can be prepared and administered, so that everyone has a better understanding of how customers view your company.

A review of current industry standards and the local business environment can be conducted in order to benchmark your company's performance and identify high priority opportunities for improvement.

In addition, Strategic Results Group can utilize a variety of other evaluative tools for use in management, employee, and pre-hire assessments including the “360 Development Needs Inventory” , “The Profile Evaluation System”, “Before You Hire” and “A Closer Look”.