Development Programs

LMI Development Process

Accelerating business plan execution often requires developing new skills and changing some habits within your organization. Seminars and workshops can’t provide this, so we use the LMI Development Process.

We take leaders and organizations through the following cycle of change:

  1. Select the key agents of change in the organization
  2. Analyze current performance results. Identify / prioritize critical performance gap items. (use financials and statistically-valid assessment tools / surveys)
  3. Implement Action, based on “SMART” goals and a dynamic Plan of Action
  4. Develop Personnel / Modify Behavior, based on critical success factors and key indicators
  5. Measure & communicate results, pursue continuous improvement

We employ a well researched, time proven process , which includes spaced repetition, multi-sensory involvement, goal setting & peer interaction, one-on-one coaching and on-going follow-up. It is through this LMI process that we are able to not only change work behaviors, but also achieve the desired results.

Our process facilitates the integration of both personal and business goals. Our process recognizes the synergy provided by integrating all aspects in the “wheel of life”, and uses this to contribute in a meaningful way to the success of our clients.

We offer results, and our process includes selecting the program best designed to achieve the desired results.

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