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Inner Circle Sample Session

Sample sessions are held either in person
(in San Diego or Orange County) or
virtually via Zoom.
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This is your opportunity to experience an actual Inner Circle Session. Bring your most pressing question or decision you need to make to the table and receive real advice from peers who most likely have had the same or similar situation you may be dealing with.

You’ll be able to explore what having a CEO Peer Advisory Board is like and decide if this would be beneficial for you and your organization.

There is absolutely NO COST and absolutely NO OBLIGATION.




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More about the Inner Circle experience…

Our facilitated peer advisory meetings enable business owners to cost-effectively identify and develop solutions to improve the performance of their businesses and the quality of their day-to-day lives.

Inner Circle is a peer advisory structure that provides a confidential, non-competitive environment for small and medium-sized private business owners to discuss a variety of topics related to business ownership and personal fulfillment.

Each Circle contains a purposeful mix of personality types and industries, providing a breadth of perspectives and insights that cannot be achieved elsewhere. Mature business owners, new entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses….they all have a place in the Circle.

Our Mission is simple: To help you make Better Decisions for Better Business… and a better quality of life.

Membership Benefits

The benefits that Members derive from their Inner Circle membership are as varied as the business owners themselves and the topics they bring each month to their peer group.

Based on the feedback we receive from our Members, we classify their benefits into these three categories:


“Conversing with people outside of the profession has helped me think differently about our organization… I have made changes and decisions within my business that I did not feel confident enough to do before joining Inner Circle.”


“What appealed to me about Inner Circle was the perspective of different businesses, different from my own.  I had hoped to possibly blend practices of other areas of businesses into my own, and it worked… I truly enjoy the sharing amongst the Members, learning from them and watching the success of other Members as they grow.”


“My business has improved because I have become a stronger leader and have learned how to better manage employees.”

Get There Faster

Our Member survey press release illustrates the kind of results that Inner Circle peer group membership delivers.

Real People. Real Results.

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What Members Are Saying…

My unofficial board of directors...

“Inner Circle is my own unofficial board of advisors. It’s honest and real and nothing gets candy coated. It’s doubtful you will have many challenges where you need advice, and the group will not be of benefit.”

– Managing Director
Investment Bank

From one to 14 stores...

“When I joined Inner Circle, I had only one store. I now have fourteen. I’m proud of that growth and I credit Inner Circle with helping me achieve it while maintaining a life of love to live.”

– President/Founder
Erik’s Bike Shop

When most business owners feel alone...

“At a time when most business owners feel alone, Inner Circle is there for them. There is great comfort in having a group of business friends available monthly and via email to rely on.”

– Principal
Outsourced Marketing Company

Practical advise to real-world problems

Inner Circle provides practical advice to real-world problems from people who have tread the path before. It’s something I can’t get anywhere else, at any price!”

– Editor/Publisher
Weekly Newspaper