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“I am encouraging employees to take on more responsibility. Morale is up and I have more time for other projects.”

“My attitude toward my staff has changed.  I see them more as team members, which has improved communication in the department..” 

Group Managers

California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) Foundation

“Inner Circle provides practical advice to real-world problems from people who have tread the path before. It’s something I can’t get anywhere else, at any price!”


Weekly Newspaper

“We have experienced noticeable increase in our productivity and efficiency thanks to the programs and plans we developed from working with Strategic Results Group. There is no doubt that working with SRG has more than paid for itself. I would definitely recommend your programs to any practice that seeks higher productivity and better office management.”

B.A. Michlin, MD

Internal Medicine Practice

“I had a very successful personal real estate business in the past but had no idea how to manage people effectively. The program was structured in a way that there were systems and forms already built and in place. This helps my thought process along and gave me step-by-step guidelines on how to deal with problem people and also how to help them set goals and how to implement them.  While it is impossible for me to estimate the actual dollar amount this program has saved me, I can tell you that I have given myself about 10 extra hours a week that are for me to do whatever I wish. That is an amazing new freedom that I will hopefully enjoy indefinitely.  I look forward to taking additional coaching from you in the future.”

Kurt Kinsey

Broker / Owner, Blue Pacific Realtors

“Thanks to SRG’s Strategic Services, I now have a sound business plan and a solid marketing plan which I’ve been implementing. Since working with Strategic Results Group, my revenue has tripled and then doubled again, I am able to work ON my business not always IN it and have grown my organization to three crews and was able to purchase the needed equipment to do so. The results are incredible. Thank you!”

S.J. Elesky

President, Southwest Tree Service

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